Taptile - Ditch the switch One-Touch mood lighting and
dimming solutions for the bathroom and kitchen



Taptile is the first capacitive touch technology that is truly at home with water.

Developed and patented by GPEG and deployed widely in consumer bathroom and kitchen products,
Taptile is a uniquely flexible solution for wide variety of applications.


• Shower and wetroom controls with no false activation
• Superior performance in kitchen appliances (cookers and hobs)
• Safe and Hygienic wipe down without fear of false operation
• Immune to soap, oil and dirt
• Auto adapting to dynamic and background changes

Taptile delivers to OEMs in volume as bespoke tuned modules, ready for integration into the customer’s mechanical housing. This module can include switches, dials, sliders, displays and LED indicators and software to interface to the client’s hardware. Alternatively, Taptile will take charge of the whole product development including mechanical and environmental elements to ensure fast and smooth transition from design to production.

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