Taptile - Ditch the switch One-Touch mood lighting
and dimming solutions for the bathroom


How it works

The easy to install Taptile Touch Sensor (243x52x10 mm) is simply embedded behind a tile or other flat surface in your bathroom. It projects 6 keys right through the surface that are then wirelessly connected to your existing or new lights. This allows you to safely bring full function dimming and one-touch mood-lighting control right into the bathroom itself - even right by the bathtub - and ditch the inconvenient external switch or ugly limited pull cord.

You can then blend taptile button artwork with any decorating scheme in a number of exciting new ways!

With the self adhesive artwork included

Option tile etching kit working in harmony with the tile grout

Let your imagination run free by adding features such as mosaics, shells, buttons to the surface.

Taptile Benefits

The Taptile Touch Sensor controls one or more wireless dimmer modules. Each dimmer can control up-to 200~300W of light allowing easy dimming of spotlights, ceiling lights as well as accent lighting in a typical installation. Dimmers are matched to each circuit and multiple dimmers can be arranged on a single channel to accommodate larger loads.

In addition to the wireless mood lighting products, Taptile can also switch on/off type mains appliances wirelessly too. For example you can use one of the free Taptile circuits to turn on your extractor fan, electrical heater, radio, CD player, or even the TV! Simply use a Taptile fan/appliance adaptor and Taptile will switch it remotely for you.

Simple Operation

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