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Taptile products have been designed to be easy to specify, simple to install and adaptable to control almost any lighting scheme. The Taptile sensor is 100% sealed and designed for easy installation by any tiling professional, bathroom fitter or competent DIY'er. The matching wireless receivers are also simple to retrofit into your wiring scheme but please consult a qualified electrician if you have any doubts.

At all times remember electricity is dangerous – BEFORE INSTALLATION ISOLATE YOUR MAINS ELECTRICTY SUPPLY !!


Operation manual

taptile installation manualTaptile installation manual

taptile installation manualTaptile Installation picture guide

Live only dimmer
2page manual

In-line LED only Dimmer
4page manual

300W Dimmer
4page manual

ON/OFF Fan/Appliance
4page manual

decorating the ceramic tileDecorating the ceramic tile

Tile etch
2page manual

Taptile leaflet


Read the instructions carefully before starting the installation process and keep them for future reference.
If you are in any doubt on the installation process, consult a qualified electrician.
This product should be installed in accordance with the relevant sections of the building regulations code, and the current edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:Requirements for electrical installations) and appropriate statutory regulations.

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