Taptile - Ditch the switch One-Touch mood lighting
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Press: APRIL 2011

Taptile Kitchen Launches at Grand Designs LIVE.

Taptile, the innovative touch-sensitive and wireless lighting brand will be launching its new range of kitchen products at this year’s Grand Designs LIVE.

Following in the successful footsteps of the original Taptile Bathroom range, Taptile Kitchen promises to bring exactly the same intuitive functionality and affordability to kitchen lighting - offering control of up to three different lighting circuits, as well as the option to control audio visual systems and appliances such as extractor fans - all by touch alone.

Applied to a living, working kitchen scheme, this means that Taptile Kitchen technology could be used to control the kitchen's main lighting, ambient lighting and task lighting - all of which could be switched on, off or dimmed to create the perfect lighting every time.

Dave Webbing, co-founder and director of Taptile says,

"Like the bathroom, the kitchen has long evolved beyond being just a functional space. The trend for open-plan living, kitchen/diners and kitchens that serve as entertaining areas mean that getting kitchen lighting right has never been more important. Taptile allows you to control your entire kitchen’s lighting from just one or two, touch-sensitive panels, which are hidden behind the wall-covering. So, whether you’re food-prepping or relaxing with friends over an easy supper, you can customise your lighting to suit."

Complete Taptile Kitchen kits are available - or, alternatively - individual Taptile components can be bought to create an entirely bespoke, yet affordable lighting scheme that proves great lighting can be within everyone's reach.

Kitchen Taptile is also easy to install. Until now, many lighting products have demanded specialist designers and installers and have often been unsuitable for any projects that are less than full, expensive refurbishments. But not Taptile. Entirely straightforward to install, each Taptile Kitchen system comprises an ultra-slim - 8mm thick - panel, which is simply fitted behind the wall-covering - e.g. plasterboard, glass, ceramic or tiles. The panel's touch sensitive ‘keys’ can then be either etched onto the exterior of the wall using a special kit , or customised 'keys' can be created.

No complicated wiring is required as each Taptile system is wireless. Brand new lighting can be used - or Taptile can be retrofitted to control existing lighting. Each system is also completely sealed and 100% waterproof - so can be fitted adjacent to a sink or wet preparation area without the worry of splashes.

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