Taptile - Ditch the switch One-Touch mood lighting
and dimming solutions for the bathroom




June 2010

Taptile™ – One-touch dimming and mood lighting transforms bathrooms and kitchens at Grand Designs LIVE! Advanced waterproof, bathroom-safe touch technology opens the way for dimming and one-touch mood lighting directly from the bath or shower. Taptile™,a British company focusing on touch control technology for the home, will be showcasing their unique bathroom mood lighting system for the first time in London this week.


The system overcomes traditional limitations within wet areas of the home, where ugly pull cords, or switches and dimmers placed outside the room have been the norm.

Taptile™ is different. Fixed to the rear of the tile or drywall, the Taptile™ touch sensor projects an array of waterproof and highly sensitive buttons through a thickness of up to 18mm. Each sensor has six buttons which provide three programmable mood light settings plus individual control and dimming of the three active circuits. This enables you to create the desired level of mood lighting whilst in the bath or shower. The front of the tile or drywall is decorated with either self-adhesive artwork (supplied), tile grouting via a stencil, or by adding features such as mosaics, shells or buttons to the surface, creating a seamless, attractive match to the room décor.

The units combine safe extra low voltage (SELV), 100% sealed to industrial standards, with a wireless connection to existing lighting circuits, while meeting all building and safety regulations for both renovations and new build.

The standard Elegance Mood Light Pack contains everything you need to transform your bathroom lighting scheme. It contains a dimmable adaptor that works with or replaces the pull cord or external switch, a second dimmer adaptor that controls the mirror or vanity light, and finally an extractor fan adaptor to reduce fan noise or improve ventilation.

Any installation can be enhanced with the addition of extension modules to operate more circuits or higher loads, and the room can be fitted with any number of touch panels to further enhance control.

For more information please go to www.taptilecontrols.com or see us on Stand K271 at Grand Designs LIVE 2010,
1st - 9th May at Excel, London.

e: sales@taptilecontrols.com